in €, per person, visitor tax included

in 2-4 beds room dormitory
night 32.00
night and breakfast 45.00
night  and dinner 70.00 50.00
half board 75.00 55.00
notes: Sheets included. The  sleeping sheet bag is mandatory in dormitory: you can rent it (in cotton) for € 3, or bring your own.
Common toilets and showers.
Towels NOT included (rentable, 3€).

Visitor tax

The municipal visitor tax is 0.50 €, included in the above rates.

The half board

Includes: dinner, night, breakfast, hot shower, tea for the flask.


Not authorised around the refuge: it’s authorised by a regional law over 2.500m only.

There are two  authorised campings in Val Ferret.

Payment notes:

  • we don’t have any type of card reader (NO: Visa, Mastercard, etc)
  • deposit not mandatory

Payment methods:

  • cash
  • check (+8 € for foreign checks)
  • bank transfer